"Sin los niños no habría humanidad. Por lo cual, la humanidad se debe a los niños"

(E. Aragón Sr.)

dissabte, 19 de març de 2011

Remake del conte "Caputxeta vermella"

Recordau la història que havíem de fer l'altre dia a classe d'anglès? Aquella que havíem de passar als nostres companys de grup perquè l'anessin continuant? Idò he seguit amb la història que vaig començar, sense emprar la part que van fer les meves companyes perquè sigui realment un "Copyright Natalia V.R. 2011".

Esper que us agradi i que xaleu tant llegint-la com jo ho he fet escrivint-la.

Once upon a time, there was a very beautiful teenager who lived in not a far city with her parents. Her name was Samantha, she was 16 years old and she liked going out every weekend.

Although all the boys of the city were crazy for her, she had no boyfriend. As she said, “I’m allergic to the word boyfriend; I only have good friends”.

By that time, she was preparing her carnival disguise: she had made a red cap and she had bought a mini skirt and a tight shirt.

Her dad didn’t like that disguise, and he wanted Samantha to stay at home, but she thought “Oh, dear daddy, I’m not gonna be a good girl”.

So when carnival arrived, Samantha went out wearing her “sexy” disguise. She went out to the disco, and everybody looked at her. When she started dancing, a boy with a wolf disguise came near her. He was a mysterious guy, and Samantha liked it. They both looked at her eyes. She realised that the boy with wolf disguise had really wonderful green eyes.

Suddenly, the boy disappeared between the people.

Samantha looked for the boy all around the disco, but she couldn’t found him. She was obsessed about finding “her wolf”. Some people said hello to her, but she didn’t say anything, because she hadn’t heart that people. It was like if she had been bewitched for the wolf-guy, and Samantha only wanted to find him.

She stopped looking for the boy with green eyes because she thought it was impossible to find him. Then, she felt somebody touching her back: it was the guy with the wolf disguise.

To be continued..
...in a moment of inspiration.

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