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dijous, 10 de maig de 2012

The Bremen's musicians

Here you have el conte dels músics de Bremen, en anglès:

Once upon a time, there was a man who had a donkey that, after years and years of hard work, was now old and unable to do the same than years ago. The man decided to get rid of the donkey. The donkey knew that, and decided to escape going to the city of Bremen.

When the donkey was arriving to Bremen, he knew a dog that was complaining on the floor. The donkey asked what was happening to him, and the dog said “As I am old and I can’t hunt, my owner has hit me, and I’ve escaped from his house”.

The donkey and the dog decided to start travelling together and set up a music band, and they followed the way to Bremen. They were walking by the path, when they found a cat. The donkey asked him what was happening, and the cat said that his owner didn’t want him because he was old and he didn’t hunt mice.
The cat joined them, and they continued walking about their band and what would they do in Bremen.

But suddenly... “KIKIRIKIIIIIIIIIII!!”. It was a cockerel that said “My owner wants to cook me and serve me tomorrow with sauce and potatoes to her guests!”
The donkey said “Join our music band, and come with us to Bremen”. The cockerel liked this idea, and the four animals went to Bremen.

The night came, and they decided to sleep in the forest. But the cockerel jumped to a tree, and he saw a little light that was shining not very far from where they were. “I see the light of a house”, said the cockerel.
So all the musician animals decided to go to that house, which was actually a hide-out of thieves.
When they arrived, the donkey watched trough the window and saw a table with a great source of food and drink, and three thieves that were sitting around that table.

The animals started to deliberate the way to make the thieves left the home, and they found it: first, the donkey would be next to the window. Then the dog would jump to the back of the donkey. After that, the cat would climb and go on the back of the dog, and finally the cockerel would fly to the cat’s head.
Having done this, all of them started to sing, making a lot of noise. When the thieves heart that, they felt frightened and ran away through the forest, because they thought that the noise was done by a ghost.

When the thieves had left the home, the four animals came in, and ate all the food from the table. After having dinner, the animals went to sleep because they were very tired.
At midnight, the thieves returned to the home to inspect it and see who had frightened them hours ago.
The thieves went to the kitchen. There, the cat scratched their faces. The thieves started to run, but they tripped over the dog, that bit their legs. Finally when they went across the patio, the donkey kicked them and the cockerel shouted his “song”: KIKIRIKIIIII!!!

Those men thought that inside the home there were a witch and a monster, and since then they didn’t go to the house nevermore. Meanwhile, the four Bremen’s musicians felt so comfortable in the house that they never left it. They were very famous in Bremen, and sang around the world in many concerts.

Imatges: la primera, m'ha fet un flash a la memòria, recordant-me que de petita vaig veure aquesta sèrie o pel·lícula a la TV. La segona, és la portada de la versió del conte que roda per ca nostra. I la tercera, és d'una escultura dels animals d'aquest conte.
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