"Sin los niños no habría humanidad. Por lo cual, la humanidad se debe a los niños"

(E. Aragón Sr.)

dijous, 10 de maig de 2012

The suit of the Emperor

Once upon a time, there was an emperor who was very vain; the only thing he was always thinking about was buying dresses. He had a large group of tailors that were constantly making him new clothes, because he wanted to be the best dressed emperor in all the kingdoms of the world.

Certain day two crafty boys came to the imperial palace, asking to be received for his majesty. They said that they were famous tailors who came from far away countries. The emperor, when knew the news, made them came in immediately.
- Majesty, we have brought a cloth that is a marvel – said one of the crafty.
- The ignoramuses can’t see it, but it really likes to the intelligent people - said the other man.

The emperor got amazed with the things they were saying and asked the false tailors to start making immediately a suit with that cloth, which would show to everybody.
The crooks asked for a big amount of money and valuable jewel to pay the expenses. They made believe that they were cutting and sewing the suit, when, in fact, they were not sewing anything. And those who saw it, in order to not being called ignoramuses, they said that it was a very original garment.

There came the day when the emperor tried on the famous garment. When he saw it, he became astonished. He didn’t see the suit! He didn’t want his subjects to thing he was not intelligent, so he decided to pretend.
All the people were waiting that the emperor came, because they had curiosity on how would the majestic apparel be. Then the emperor appeared. He was walking nude with the amazement everyone.
A great silence was done in the street, but anybody said anything in order to not be called ignoramus. Only a child, with his innocence, said:
- Look, look, the emperor is nude!

With this, everybody said the same, and the emperor felt embarrassed. It was a sad day for him, but he learnt a great lesson: THE IMPORTANT THING IN THIS LIFE ARE NOT THE GARMENTS, BUT TO BE SINCERE IN EVERYTHING WHAT YOU DO.

Imatges: la primera, em recorda a les il·lustracions de conte de "La Bella Durmiente" que em llegia mo mare. La segona és un petit homenatge a "Les Tres Bessones", gràcies a qui conec aquesta història i moltes altres.
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